the disclaimer is that i rarely ever read other peoples blogs so i have no clue what a blog entry entails and i also don't ever go places so everything i do is pretty much a win over my shut-in tendencies. but let's go!

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wXw fan 2023


wxw fan 2023 already started 2 days earlier on thursday evening when i was suddenly starting to feel sick. i thought: "this can’t be happening… not to me! not to the guy that has been daydreaming about this show for the past 3 weeks at work?!" but come friday i was feeling not good at all. i managed to make it through work and went on a 16h “trying to sleep lockdown” in hopes of feeling good enough to attend fan on saturday.

somehow i pulled through. my move is always turning up 30 mins before doors and it hasn’t failed me yet. secured a good seat, secured a pepsi zero (garbage but i’ll drink it (cola light gang)), LFG!

the event started with wxw’s wrestling academy show which was fun. i liked taylor king because he was talking through his entire match with destin forte and was heeling it up annoying style. at one point he seemed to take a piece of gum from his manager and pretended to choke on it after the next move which caused forte to pause. king then went: “he’s soo stupid! i didn’t even chew gum bwahaha”. also shout out to massimo pesca who fought aerson and had the prettiest gear of the night. nick schreier is the new wxw academy champ!

i was also really excited for this show because i took my camera with me for the first time (sony rx100 iii) to take some pictures. i’ve never shot sports before or in low light conditions so i had my settings all fucked up. i started off with an ISO between 640 and 1000 (later 2000) and kept it at a shutter speed of 1/200 through the entire event. i really didn’t take a lot of good pictures hahaha. i am DEFINETLY going to stop being afraid of higher ISO values and use a faster shutter speed next time. i also had some problems with the focus but i had so much fun and i can’t wait to improve on this and shoot more wrestling.

on to the actual event. i am now officially maggot pilled he is so awesome. i also liked calypso against maria de la rosa. next up was the six man tag anil marik, elijah blum & LSG againts frenchadors & kohei kinoshita. it’s always awesome when they put the young hot guys in a match together. big fan of that. i think anil mariks pathetic thing he had going on recently is kind of cute. kohei kinoshita was also really cool and the crowd loved him. honestly my match of the night but also kind of one of the last matches i could pay attention to because at that point we were like 3h deep into wrestling (5h of sitting in that hall) and my brain was starting to fry. shigehiro irie obviously retained in the main event.

decent show with decent matches but nothing that really stood out. i had fun though! very excited for shortcut to the top!