the disclaimer is that i rarely ever read other peoples blogs so i have no clue what a blog entry entails and i also don't ever go places so everything i do is pretty much a win over my shut-in tendencies. but let's go!

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thoughts on podcasts


lately i’ve been getting into podcasts for the first time in my life after kind of hating them for a long time. i have a hard time with auditory processing sometimes so a lot of times when i listen to something without visuals i just zone out after a few minutes and retain zero information. it’s the same reason why i can’t listen to audiobooks i don’t already know. but i also think that most podcasts are simply not that good because it really takes skill to present information and host people on a show and a lot of people just don’t have that.

if you visited this site at any point in the past few month you have probably seen me shout out thROH the years left and right because i have been listening to them constantly. i really underrated how rad having people talk about shit that you love in your headphones while you get groceries is. this podcast really made me realize how crazy it is that so many wrestlers that used to wrestle on these early roh shows are still working! i also appreciate that matt and trevor call out and acknowledge racist/sexist/homophobic etc. behaviour and storylines because i have tried listening to some of the “big” wrestling podcasts and a lot of them do not give a fuck lol.

i also really enjoy journey through guerrilla island. they literally got me through a hellish overnight flight once and i will always be thankful for that. but they are also just really funny and great and it’s the only podcast with more than 2 people which i can actually follow along.

unfortunately i have yet to find a podcast that reviews cool movies, doesn’t have hosts that suck and consistently uploads so if anyone got recommendations for that shoot ‘em my way!