i always drift in and out of wrestling but it is one of my main interests. i mainly keep up to date with AEW and the odd indie currently but i was basically into most other american promotions at one point in time (i miss you so much nxt black & gold). i got into it in 2017 and recently also started going to local shows so maybe i will put some blog entries about that on here too!

gif of barbed wire drenched in blood

videos & links:

Samoa Joe and CM Punk [ROH Straight Shootin'] (they say some really stupid stuff in there but this story is so fucking funny)

BETTER THAN YOU (cm punk vs mjf feud summary the jaw dropping sexiest feud in wrestling history)

The Brood's Gothic Entrance (for reasons of "it goes stupid hard")

RE-C-DUB a restoration of ECW shows and lucha underground S1, S2, S3 & S4 on the internet archive

gif of barbed wire drenched in blood

blog entries/writing:


last updated: 22/04/2023