you clicked the wizard and found the "hidden" wizard facts page...

hello again, i'm acid/wizard a 20-something dude currently drifiting around the borders of fully entering adulthood/having a proper job/knowing wtf you are doing with your life and such crap. very annoying. naturally, learning html and programming my own website was the logical next step in trying 2 avoid all that.

i am very obsessively into 80s & early 2000s stuff/aes, movies, wrestling, i also love space & fields & neon & carnivals/funfairs and cemeteries.

4chan comment: OP worked all of you but he still is a cowardly autistic faggot and has go away heat(literally me)

rainbow star gif likes:rainbow star gif

music: the doors, KISS, ICP, pearl jam, beat the champ by the mountain goats (greatest album of all time) and always 80s hair metal & 90s eurodance
books: the city of dreaming books by walter moers, elfquest series, something wicked this way comes by ray bradbury, LOTR, (wrestling) autobiographies and just in general fantasy books
food and drinks: the monster energy ultra white, tteokbokki, hitschies candy, thai-curry, iced coffee, gin-tonic (at the club)


cleaning the bathroom, not wearing socks, blu-ray mediabooks, when they change the layout of my local supermarket (wtf where are the protein bars?), cooking, death of the video stores, um... (trust i am a hater at heart but i can't think of anything else rn... )

A meme of a scene from the Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone movie. Harry and Dumbledore are standing in front of the Mirror of Erised. Harry asks: What does this mirror do professor? Dumbledore answers: It shows the deepest most desperate desire of your heart. The mirror shows an image of a monster energy ultra white can.

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