here are some websites that i like to visit currently (i am not affiliated with any of them):

cool useful sites:

this tumblr post "beginner's guide to the inde web" (literally what got me started and a great overview) (a digital library with books, games, videos and so much more, home of the wayback machine and in general just the coolest site on the web to me)

gifcities (search old geocities gifs, also by the internet archive)

ezgif (transform those dreadful WebPs in2 GIFs)

mullvad VPN (my fucking GOAT)

other cool stuff:

violent j's (from ICP) book "behind the paint" and the audiobook on the internet archive (my favourite chapter is "monsters and adventuuuressss" if you listen to one chapter of the book this is the one)

read the entire original quest of ElfQuest (and so much more) for FREE on their OFFICIAL SITE !!!

last updated: 26/07/2023