Two vertical panels of the ElfQuest comic that show Cutter and Skywise joking and resting their head on Cutter's wolf.
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ElfQuest is a cult fantasy comic book series created by artist Wendy Pini and her husband Richard Pini. The original series ran from 1978 to 1984 and has spawned an array of sequels and prequels over the last 40 years. It was one of the first major independently published comic book series in the United States.

Three horizontal panels of ElfQuest that display a scene in a forest by night. Someone is caressing Cutter's cheek and walking away into the darkness.

The Story...

ElfQuest is a fantasy saga that revolves around a tribal elf society that struggels to survive and coexist with humans on an earth like planet. The main character is a young chief named Cutter who leads the Wolfriders. We follow him and his tribes search for their ancient history and place in the universe.

The Journey starts when the Wolfrider's holt is burned to the ground by humans and the tribe has to search for a new home. They come across another elf tribe in the desert called the Sun Folk and that comes with the big realization of not being the only elves left. So their quest to find more elven folk and more of their history beginns...

It is a story about family, love, learning to let go and embrace new experiences and creating your own life and the beauties of the world around you.

Three panels of ElfQuest that show a scene in the desert during sunset between Cutter and Leetah.

My Thoughts...

One of the main things that attracted me to ElfQuest was Wendy Pinis art. I think it is utterly stunning. She cites anime series/movies she watched as a kid, especially Astro Boy by Osamu Tezuka (fellow Tezuka-head), as influencing her artstyle and way of storytelling. The beautiful fluid and soft lineart, her use of colour that evokes an almost dream like feeling (especially her early work)... I am obsessed. I love love love it so much. Her art makes me feel like I am a child again and lost in magical fantasies.

I quickly became attached to the characters and grew to deeply care about them and their story. ElfQuest's strong suits are the characters and the relationships between them (Cutter/Leetah/Skywise nation LFG) that built the emotional core of the series.

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Promotional art of the Wolfrider Tribe riding on their wolfes and cheering.

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Two vertical panels of ElfQuest that show Cutter's wolf warning Cutter that humans are coming.